Phone Contracts Just another WordPress site Thu, 09 May 2013 06:02:45 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Vodafone Cuts Off Prices of BlackBerry Z10 and iPhone 4 Thu, 09 May 2013 06:02:45 +0000 oscarlee333 Continue reading ]]> Vodafone is currently offering impressive reductions on the contracts of old and new smartphones as per the latest reports. According to the available information, the prominent network operator of United Kingdom has cuts off the upfront price of the hottest BlackBerry Z10 smartphone and now the phone is available for free on its various pay monthly tariffs.

It means that the UK customers can easily pick up BlackBerry Z10 device on a 24-month contract from Vodafone at just £33 per month for free and it will include various attractive allowances such as 600 calling minutes free for any network, unlimited text messages and 500 MB internet data usage.

Offered in White and Black colors, the Z10 is a great high-end smartphone that consist of excellent features like 4.2-inches display with 355-ppi pixel density, Snapdragon S4 Qualcomm processor, 8-mega pixels primary camera and much more. Most importantly, it runs on hottest BB 10 OS that bless it with new features and technical specifications.

On the other hand, the network operator has also reduced the monthly tariff cost of Apple iPhone 4 that will be offered for free at £21 per month, which is lower than the £29 offered earlier. Moreover, it will also provide similar allowances as offered with Z10 tariff plans but the offer is available only for the limited time periods hence customers need to rush to avail this impressive offer immediately.

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Display Production for Next iPhone Will Commence Soon Wed, 08 May 2013 10:40:31 +0000 oscarlee333 Continue reading ]]> According to the report presented by a key Japanese Industrial Newspaper, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, the display production of the much anticipated Apple iPhone 5S will start very soon. The report has also stated that Sharp will commence the volume production of LCD display panel for the next iPhone that is said to be the successor of the popular Apple iPhone 5 that was released last year with great hypes. The production will begin at Kameyama plant of Sharp.

The report of the Japanese Industrial Newspaper has also mentioned that Sharp’s Kameyama plant was not operating to its full capacity for long however the manufacturing of LCD displays for the next iPhone of Apple will certainly bring the plant to its ‘ full production’ capacity.

The newspaper has also mentioned that the list of technical specifications that will be packed inside the iPhone 5S will be similar to the iPhone 5. Earlier also, rumors were there that the arrival of the next iPhone will be delayed while the analyst have given stern warnings to Apple that it must bring its next smartphone by the third quarter of this year.

The information given by the newspaper has also confirmed that Sharp will be partnered with Japan Display and LG Display since both these companies have previously also joined the businesses of Toshiba Mobile Display, Sony Mobile Display and Hitachi Displays for the display panel production.

As of now, the launch of the next iPhone is predicted to correspond with the accessibility of iOS 7 that will be the upcoming mobile platform for Apple’s mobile phones.

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Nokia Lumia 925 ‘Catwalk’ Might Launch on May 14 Tue, 07 May 2013 05:11:11 +0000 oscarlee333 Continue reading ]]> According to recent reports, the upcoming Lumia smartphone of Nokia named as Nokia Lumia 925 or ‘Catwalk’ is rumored to unveil very soon most probably on May 14. The report is presented by Hot Hardware that has mentioned a claim from Chinese website, Windows Phone Bar. The claim clearly stated the new Lumia handset would be out on May 14.

Nokia Lumia 925

Moreover, rumors are also at fever pitch that another phone Lumia 928 will also be launched with the Catwalk model on the said date when the Finnish Firm is set to hold an event at London. Earlier also, Nokia has mocked that the upcoming event will carry on the ‘Nokia Lumia Story’. As of now, the company has not mentioned anything officially about the Lumia 925 but the buzzes about the imminent device codenamed as “Catwalk” are already hovering over internet for long.

This device is also claimed to the heir of the successful Windows Phone 8 running Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone that has helped the company to regain its market share significantly in the global market. Early in April also, we have heard vague rumors about the Catwalk model of Lumia series but if the handset will launch on May 14 then it will certainly give a base to the earlier rumors as well.

The unveiled report has also suggested that this new Lumia phone will come with lighter and thinner aluminum body that will be completely different from the polycarbonate bodies of previous Lumia phones. Other rumored specifications include Snapdragon Qualcomm Dual Core Processor, 1.5-inches OLED display with 1280 X 768 pixels resolution, 1 GB RAM, 16 GB onboard storage, 8.7 mega pixels rear facing camera and a non detachable battery.

At present, let us wait and see if the new Lumia 925 will debut on May 14 and then we will have relevant information about the technical specifics included in this new model.

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Nokia Lumia 928 Reveal And Promises To Render Best Low Light Camera Mon, 06 May 2013 05:42:34 +0000 oscarlee333 Continue reading ]]> As we already grab few details related to the upcoming classy masterpiece of Nokia family that named as Lumia 928. Now gadget lovers gets the another chance to see another image on the billboard.

That we already mentioned above the freshly unveil image is showed on the public billboard that present somewhere in the United State. After it the image is sent to the MyNokiaBlog and there you also found few reasons to believe its work of a Photoshop trickster.

The firm also claiming that upcoming handset has ability to renders the best low light camera performance. That means you have the power to click superbly cleared images at ant type of lighting condition.

By taking a look on this new picture you grab it will be boosted with the Xenon flash their backside or it could be carried the PureView technology in it. Surely you all remembered that Nokia has already planned an event that held on 14th May. On that place the gadget lovers get the opportunity to See what’s Next.

The tagline of the occasion is “The Nokia Lumia Story Continue” that means there is no doubt among it this event helps you to k now about that what Lumia smartphones range offers you in future.

If we take a look on the previous revealed stuffs then we found the forthcoming Nokia Lumia 928 is much similar as the past released craft named as Lumia 920. But this time the imminent smartphone will be much thinner that measured as 10.2 mm.

Apart from this it also has curved shape back and it will be intended with 4.5 inches OLED screen where you all may see their important data with included stupendous clarity.

Beside it the 1.5GHz dual-core powerful processor, 32GG internal storage space, 1GB RAM and many more features are also furnished in it that makes this upcoming smartphone simply adorable from all aspects.

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Samsung Galaxy S Advance Receives Official Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean Sat, 04 May 2013 05:48:56 +0000 oscarlee333 Continue reading ]]> Recently the Samsung Galaxy S Advance has gets the new Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update. This masterpiece user is waiting for this up gradation such a long time period and finally the company offers them the great chance to access numerous smart apps and features on it.

Galaxy S Advance

In other words you may say that the Android 4.1 I9070XXLQE carried all kind of goodness of Jelly Bean operating system. Along with it there are users found several improvements too that gives you opportunity to run several apps with in real impressive way.

Those who are not wanted to wait to experience this service on their handset then they just follow the steps that are disclosed through several sources. For doing the mentioned software update first of all users just required Samsung Galaxy S Advance model number I9070.

Along with the handset have USB driver and the device battery should be charged and its power level need to fill up to 50 percent. This helps you to prevent the device for powering off at the middle of the process. Beside it user have to disable all the antivirus apps that presently run on your desktop or laptop. Then you just make the back up all the files before start updating the masterpiece.

Once the extremely advance edition of Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update on the upper mentioned smartphone users get the chance to multi window, and many other specs that simply makes your work too easier on it. Those who don’t do this up gradation by their known then simply they have to wait few more days for getting the automatic update on their handset.

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Latest Edition Of Angry Birds Game Is Here For Window Phone Devices Fri, 03 May 2013 08:46:39 +0000 oscarlee333 Continue reading ]]> If you are one of them such huge crowd those who love to play Angry Birds gaming series then here is good news for you. Now Rovio give the chance to play free of cost this game for the next two weeks on Window Phone smartphones.

Normally users have to pay few amounts for popular video game but this time company renders you chance to download the new version Angry Birds game without paying any amount.

As we already mention above the free downloading scheme is here only for two weeks and it was land in mobile world on 1st May and it’s available for free until 15th May. The latest released version of this popular game carried 100 new levels.

After seeing the amazing response of Angry Birds Star Wars and Space edition that firm plan to offers their fans something different and much interesting as compare to the previous one.

We already mentioned above the new gaming series is here for the Window Phone 8 and WP7 users. So if you have the smartphone that furnished with mentioned operations system then you may able to try out the new level that included Mine and Dine, Surf and Turf, Birdday Party, Bad Piggies and so on.

Beside all these the main spice of this new range is the game developers have also included 200 Game Score points that you may able to won through completing several achievements.

So you no need to wait more experience this just download it from the Window Phone market place.

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Facebook Mobile Users Increased, Revealed From Q1 Results Thu, 02 May 2013 08:16:13 +0000 oscarlee333 Continue reading ]]> Facebook announced its first quarter results for 2013 revealing that it was able to maintain a steady growth in both active user account as well as revenue. The revenue accounted for UK £937 million for the initial three months of the year while the daily active users rise by about 26% accounting for an average 665 million people that logged into Facebook.

It saw a similar increase for its monthly active users with 23% growth that accounts for an average 1.11 billion users in the first quarter 2013. The number of mobile active users for the company has reached 751 million recorded till March 31, amounting to a significant increase of 54% over the same period last year. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, says that they have made a lot of progress in the first few months of the year.

Facebook Home growth:

Facebook Home is a recently announced product of the company that Zuckerberg is really excited about. He says that, this is a new and innovative experience and is available for only a few phones. Mark Zuckerberg promised that the new product Facebook home that is built on the top of android operating system will be rolled out for some more devices on account of their mobile strategy. He however did not gave any confirmations on whether this will ever make its way to Apple’s devices such as iPhone 5 or will come to the follow up of HTC First with a better camera.

No Instagram Ads yet:

Instagram is a photo sharing website that was bought by Facebook last year. It has reached around 100 million monthly active users in the first quarter 2013. Mark said that Instagram is growing fast and got 100 million users faster than ever got by Facebook. The Instagram team however is looking for user growth as their immediate goal which is their 100% focus right now.

Not a zero sum game:

Facebook was able to purchase Instagram which is a break out app for mobile users but it can not buy every social media network available. Thus other social media sites like Twitter get a chance to continue with new start-ups like Snapchat which is able to capture the youth. The CFO David Ebersman from Facebook says that this is a total myth that under 21 demographics have started clicking off of Facebook. Over the investor line he said that it is not a zero sum game. Eberson says that most of the information saying that Facebook is loosing its audience is based on the surveys and is not that much reliable.

Facebook Games still a win:

The previous Facebook games like Zynga were not that successful as everyone expected. While rest of the game community is growing well and is quite healthy. They saw a payment volume increase of 60% for all the other games. Facebook has a record breaking number of people that are playing their games. The game applications tied to them are dominating the market in delivering performance. They have reached to 81 position out of the top iOS Apps and 70th on the top of android apps that are connecting to Facebook.

Facebook newsfeed redesign impact:

Zuckerberg also spoke about the Graph Search and Facebook newsfeed redesign releases. He added that the content users get through these is more visual in terms of presentations. The content through these is more natural and engaging. Facebook advertising will see another growth with natural progression in new formats. Video is an exciting field and they are seeing strong results out of it. Coming to Graph Search, the CEO said that they will be rolling out an enhanced search feature for their audience in the next few months.

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Few Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy S4 Wed, 01 May 2013 11:17:41 +0000 oscarlee333 Continue reading ]]> Unquestionably you may say that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is just a fantastically intended new generation smartphone. As well it’s capable to run all latest applications provides you just wow experience with it. So here we explore some of the famous apps that provide you flexibility to run of this smartphone.

Facebook Home:

Recently the Facebook Home is land in mobile world for the Android smartphones and it’s renders you just unforgettable experience to do social networking at all the time. Now the Samsung Galaxy S4 is also renders you the same facility to access this service on it. Through Facebook Home you no need to turn of the application. If any new notification will land on it then you may able to see through open it on your device screen.

Dice Player:

As you all know that the Galaxy S4 is boosted with 5.0 inches Super AMOLED display that comes with carried 1080 x 1920 pixels high resolution. So if you love to have incredible experience to watch your favorite movies, videos and many more stuffs then its Dice player is simply the perfect way. This is a great video player that supports all type of file that you may run of your handset.

Play Music:

Surely you all love to get best video watching experience as well you want the same thing with in music. Then Play Music app is just provides you best way to hear all your favorite sound clips with unmatchable quality. We all know that it’s a Google app and it’s actually ships in this device. Through this users are able to draft a huge play list, easily sort and share with their near and dear ones.

ES File Manager:

If you start loading the files on the Galaxy S4 then it could become too hard for tracking any thing. But with the help of ES File manager you may comfortably moving, deleting and finding any particular file on your smartphone. Along with it the smart app is also have the supportive power on Drop box.

Dolphin Browser:

This time the South Korean company launch their new flagship handset with two browsers, first one is Samsung and another is Chrome and both are provides you amazing experience to web browsing. But if we talk about the Dolphin browser then it’s found more flexible that have the power to supports on several other features That means you may easily customize anything on it.

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Google Now Boasted Search App for Apple iPhone and iPad Tue, 30 Apr 2013 09:25:34 +0000 oscarlee333 Continue reading ]]> Recently, Google has released its Google Now service for Apple iPhone and iPad devices, which will now assist the users to make a great update in the part of search application. The application is primarily introduced for the Android supportive gadgets by beholding the excellence in the part of personal assistance. Similar to the Android version, the iOS platform will also now be able to find the same work flow by tailoring the performance of the projection.

Google Now in iPhone and iPad models will ultimately bring up the faster route to get a work and also complete the different routes that are based across the traffic. In this context the concerned person namely Larry Page, Google CEO has stated the same on the blog post that the company only wants to provide the users the best plan to offer right information in right time.

Now, alike the Android users, the latest iPhone supportive models would also count the same momentum with excellent information. The application would easily display you the weather condition, alerts for the traffics, reminding about the airport flight and many more. For the best operation Google Now uses a card system that ultimately provides you the total information about the location and the asked queries.

Appearing to be sensitive, it has been studied that 22 out of 29 information of the card is presented for the iOS gadgets. The only two sets namely the Boarding pass and the Nearby Event card has not yet been added up, which is also assumed to be included soon.

By the adding up of the Google Now in the iOS platform, the users now would be able to boast up the search option with Siri like activation. The knowledge of the same would also allow you to comprehend the natural language queries with quick tutorial aspect.

Just search the availability of the application, download it and ultimately install it for quick operation. The report has also boasted up stating that the same application might be released on Google Chrome as well.

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Samsung Reveals Galaxy Tab 3 With 7 Inches Screen Mon, 29 Apr 2013 11:48:30 +0000 oscarlee333 Continue reading ]]> Recently the popular South Korean company Samsung is unveils the Galaxy Tab 3 with Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating system and the device will be land in mobile world from month of May.

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3According to the several sources the company crafted its third generation of with 7 inches screen where you all may see their all important data with incredibly cleared way. As well the device is much powerful that comes with loaded 1.2GHz chip.

Beside it the other classy gadgets of this company the upcoming masterpiece will also offers you chance to pick it up among 8GB and 16GB internal memory with 1GB RAM. By having this uses are able to draft a huge collection of their important data such as movies, videos, songs, documents and many more.

If you take a look towards its other features then you may grab its much jump forward from its previous crafts such as Galaxy Tab 2. Those who love to click photos at all the time for them the upcoming device will provide perfect chance through rendering 3 MP camera.

This imminent member of the tablet family is able to give the tough competition to the iPad Mini and the Nexus 7. Beside this 1,024 x 600 pixels resolution and 169ppi pixel density is the reason that gives you small disappointments point in it.

Apart from it there is also few rumors are also probably gadget lovers also get the chance to get Galaxy Tab 3 Plus with carried 10 inches screen with 1 GHz dual core processor and 2,560 x 1,600 pixels resolution.

So, for getting the third generation of Galaxy tab Wi-Fi version you have to wait few more days.

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