Display Production for Next iPhone Will Commence Soon

According to the report presented by a key Japanese Industrial Newspaper, Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, the display production of the much anticipated Apple iPhone 5S will start very soon. The report has also stated that Sharp will commence the volume production of LCD display panel for the next iPhone that is said to be the successor of the popular Apple iPhone 5 that was released last year with great hypes. The production will begin at Kameyama plant of Sharp.

The report of the Japanese Industrial Newspaper has also mentioned that Sharp’s Kameyama plant was not operating to its full capacity for long however the manufacturing of LCD displays for the next iPhone of Apple will certainly bring the plant to its ‘ full production’ capacity.

The newspaper has also mentioned that the list of technical specifications that will be packed inside the iPhone 5S will be similar to the iPhone 5. Earlier also, rumors were there that the arrival of the next iPhone will be delayed while the analyst have given stern warnings to Apple that it must bring its next smartphone by the third quarter of this year.

The information given by the newspaper has also confirmed that Sharp will be partnered with Japan Display and LG Display since both these companies have previously also joined the businesses of Toshiba Mobile Display, Sony Mobile Display and Hitachi Displays for the display panel production.

As of now, the launch of the next iPhone is predicted to correspond with the accessibility of iOS 7 that will be the upcoming mobile platform for Apple’s mobile phones.

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