HTC M7 Next Generation Smartphone to be Known as HTC One

It has been read that the next generation smartphone that is rumoured to be announced soon is HTC M7. The gadget would be coming soon in the market but the new information that has been revealed is that it will be simply named as HTC One instead of M7. This information has been posted on Twitter by a reliable source.


In this context, HTC’s Chairman Peter Chou has also stated that the upcoming Taiwanese flagship handset will go by the name of HTC One, when it gets officially announced. It is estimated that within next two weeks the device will be introduced in the market. This forthcoming device has been previously appeared to have the promise and keep things simple but now with the latest information it seems that there would be a definite change in the codename.

With the new advent, the previous HTC One family members like HTC One X, One V and One S would be simply staggered. The upcoming model is addressed as hero of HTC flagship as it will be ameliorated with all the sections of latest software and processor.

Everything would be revealed by the company at the HTC’s own event that is going to be introduced on February 19th in the New York City. Finally all the answers to the questions would be stated, so till then we need to stay clam with finger crossed that everything would be in full scope. Besides,. It will be confirmed that whether, the gadget would be HTC One or HTC M7.

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