HTC Releases Revamped Android Flagship HTC One

After long wait, the Taiwanese Firm HTC has released its innovative and revamped Android flagship HTC One today. This innovative smartphone is predicted to regain the dropping market share of the Taiwan Phone Manufacturer.

HTC OneFrom last few days the rumors for the release of this hottest handset of HTC were hovering over internet and the bundle of predicted technical specifications of this phone has created much hype among the techno lovers.

However, the wait is over and HTC’s new bombshell has launched officially. As per the sources have confirmed, it is fitted with great features and hardware components to offer superb user experience to the techno savvy generation.

The freshly introduced masterpiece will run on latest version of Android Jelly Bean update and it will feature a massive 4.7-inches screen with 1080p resolution that is sufficient for having great video watching and picture viewing experience. Apart from it, the phone is powered by 1.7 GHz quad core processor along with a capacious 2GB RAM and latest ultra pixel camera.

At present, the device is launched in New York just a week before the scheduled event of Mobile World Congress. This device is available for preorder from today onwards exclusively from Phones 4U but the handset will arrive in stores from March 15 and will be obtainable on all major networks carriers for free on £36 monthly payment.

The first 50 in-store preorders today will be blessed with free Pioneer Wireless music system, an enticingly double dip case and Beats headphones.

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