iPlayer Watched More on Tablets than Phones by Techno Lovers

According to BBC report, in the growing era of tablets, users are watching iPlayer more on tablets than on smartphones. It proves that tablets have their own popularity amidst the current techno savvy generation.

BBC prepares the report after evaluating the requests made by the users and found that the iPad and its ilk were together responsible for claiming 200,000 more requests for iPlayer app than the iPhone counterparts’ claim. Meanwhile, tablet watchers are favoring more for TV viewing than radio catch up.

However, if both TV watching and radio listening on iPlayer is taken into consideration then tablets and mobile phones claims 15 percent each. On the other hand, the most dominant iPlayer devices are still the computers that accounts for 47 percent of total requesters made in the month of March.

BBC has further mentioned that overall 272 million requests are made on iPlayer all through the March month that resembles with the figures revealed in the month of January since it was a record-breaking month. With iPlayer being favored more on tablets than smartphones clearly indicates that people prefer enjoying videos on bigger screens and hence the popularity of tablets are considerably increasing these days.

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