Samsung Galaxy Brand Dominated Worldwide Smartphone Market Sales

The latest news of the day is about the high responsive market share gathered by Samsung. It is read that Samsung Galaxy brand has overthrown the Android OS in its own game. According to the Gartner report, it is studied that Samsung and its competitor has made efforts together that resulted in dominating 52% of worldwide market share.

Samsung Galaxy Brand

It is the strength of both the brands that has made their actual products achieve the appreciation from the esteemed customers that are based in this economic environment. Talking about Samsung, it has been read that the said company is spotted on the top position by selling 384.6 million smartphones in the year 2012 measuring 53.5% respectively.

In terms of Android market, it has been sourced that Samsung has commanded with over 42.5% corporation with the same software in the global market. Its Galaxy brand has ruled the arena with perfect mind share of operation. As per the latest data it has been sourced that the success of Samsung is due to the highest sales of its devices combined with Android platform.

In the forth quarter of 2012, Android handsets have collectively sold 140,000,000 units worldwide. This is nearly double the number that has been resulted previously. The popularity of the Galaxy brands have improved through out each passing year and as a consequence the perception of premium products have also grown high simultaneously.

The acceleration in the sales percept has enhanced overall value meeting up the ratio of demand and supply respectively.

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