Samsung Probed Over Dirty Tricks For HTC

Taiwanese investigation will be looking in to the claims that Samsung hired students for writing attacking articles against HTC and recommending buying Samsung mobile phones. Samsung says that this unfortunate incident is against the fundamental principles of their company. It is suggested that Samsung and its local agent if found guilty of getting engaged in this false advertising could be facing a fine of up to 25 Taiwanese dollars that make around £547,000.

The officials from Samsung Taiwan reveal that the company has not yet been informed about the FTC investigation. The Samsung Taiwan although has already ceased all Internet marketing along with the Facebook page of the company. The company is regretting for the confusion and inconvenience from the internet event. It also said that the future marketing work of Samsung will never involve posting of anonymous comments.

According to the AFP news agency, a spokesman told them that Fair Trade commission of Taiwan has already begun an investigation after it received a series of complaints. It has been reported by PC Advisor that a local website has published documents that are showing that Samsung recruited students to criticize the Taiwanese manufacturer and praise Samsung through web.

The Korean giant said that the recent incident that took place was unfortunate and it occurred due to insufficient understanding of the fundamental principles of advertising. Thus it has planned training for its employees to ensure that such kind of event is not repeated in future.

HTC One used to be one of the major players in the android handsets but recently the company has lost its position to the Samsung Galaxy range of devices. However, HTC has recently launched a new and premium build phone that is aimed at reversing the fortunes of the company with its unique features thus taking back its market share from Samsung.

The latest flagship One was critically acclaimed by tech observers for its build quality. According to the recent reports, Samsung is worried about the gap that is seen in the build quality of its devices in comparison to Apple and HTC. It is also reported that the company is planning to introduce a much higher quality device in future.

Samsung has already been fined by Taiwanese authorities in the beginning of 2013 for an advertisement that was misleading consumers about the camera quality of the Galaxy Y Duo.

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