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Terms and Conditions - Phone Contracts is a widely recognized website. This is a popular one for mobile phone comparisons, their features and other details. Here, you can easily make comparisons on different mobile phone deals by the reputed online retailers. We provide with some of the best offers.

Product Information and Price

We are involved in providing you the updated information on various mobile phone deals or contracts. One important point that needs consideration is that we do not provide any of the products. Thus, your transaction is never going to be with us. The retailer/ merchant and you are responsible. We are here to provide you information only so that you choose the best for yourself. You will get all the products from the mentioned suppliers. They will provide you customer services and other related queries of yours. These are the leading and reputed suppliers. Moreover, whatever information you gather from us are up to the mark during the time when we put. Otherwise, we are not responsible for any misconception of yours. We definitely try to keep you updated on the deals that too on a regular basis.

Accuracy of the Information

At all the times, we try at the maximum to let you have the right, accurate information. This is a true thing. While, on the other side, we do not guarantee that it is all right. These may occur wrong to you many times. The information provided by the third party (retailer) can be wrong or right. However, we always try to keep you all updated by keeping the information correct, as much as we can.

No Liability clause

We are not responsible for any of the loss that you face. If any loss occurs, you are going to be liable for it. We do not offer any liability from our side. This is similar for all the retailers as well. If any problem is there, we are not going to be liable in any of the way. Hence, you should always go thoroughly, reading all the terms and conditions. If anything happens because of the website error then also we are not liable.

No warranties or Representations

It does not matter whatever loss happens. It is not at all our concern. We do try to provide the latest information. The whole deal is between the retailer and you. The information shared by the third party is not ours. We are not liable if any of their information is wrong. No matter whatever trouble comes in the way, it is not our concern.

If any problem occurs due to website, any virus or anything else than also it is not our headache. We do attempt to make it possible in a way that it does not contain any virus. While anything can happen, while the access.


Changes in the terms and conditions can be brought anytime, whenever we feel like. We can do it at any point of time. A regular visit is going to keep you all updated with it.

Privacy Policy

In this section, you will get to know that how the data collected from you are protected. Moreover, the website usage simply means that you have accepted the whole discussed policy of us.

Data Protection

When you register yourself on any of the services offered by us, we collect all your data and other personal details. This requires no worries. Always remember that your data collected is important for us. We try to maintain its full security. It is all handled as per the Data Protection Act 1998. Furthermore, if you want to gather any other information on this, you are free to go through the Data Protection Notice by us.

Legal Age

The usage of our website is only for the UK residents, those who are above 18 years of age. Therefore, if you have this age and you are an UK resident then only you can use it.


As mentioned earlier, you can only have the access if you are a UK resident. Otherwise, it is going to be a futile effort. This is valid only for the residents of United Kingdom.

Intellectual property Rights

The material used, website design, texts and all the graphics are ours. We are the only owners. The selection, arrangement, software, it is all ours. No one can use our data, any of the information on product without our prior permission. A written permission is required for any such act.


There are different paragraphs, different content given up and down. You need to read each of them independently. Do not try to mix it all. Thus, if anything seems invalid, it needs to be corrected and the right things need to be implemented. While the rest of the content remains the same i.e. unaffected.

Jurisdiction and Law

For the avoidance of the doubts, all the terms and conditions are directly subject to the England’s law and jurisdiction.

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